Curry Collection



A blend of spices in tomatoes and onions in a thick medium sauce, garnished with coriander.


Sweet and sour curry made with lightly spiced lentils, pineapple and lemon juice.

Rogan josh:

Cooked in a medium sauce with fresh garlic and ginger with plenty of tomatoes.


Fairly hot dish cooked with various spices to a sweet, sour and hot taste.


briskly fried onions cooked in a medium sauce garnished with coriander.


A delicate preparation of coconut, ground almonds in fresh cream in a very mild and sweet sauce.


 A fairly hot dish cooked with ground chilli powder, paprika and lemon juice.


 Similar to a madras but extra hot.


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Chicken                    £6.50

Chicken Tikka          £6.95

Lamb                        £6.95

Prawn                      £6.95

King Prawn              £8.95

Mixed                       £7.50

Vegetable                £5.95

Special Balti Dishes

Balti dishes are cooked in authentic Kashmiri spices with onions peppers and tomatoes, the special balti dishes below are cooked in their traditional manner with the addition of Kashmiri spices.


Balti Chicken/Veg                                                            £6.50


Balti Chicken Tikka/Lamb/Prawn                                 £6.95


Special Balti Chicken Tikka/Lamb/Prawn Korai         £6.95


Special Balti Chicken Tikka/Lamb Jalfrezi                   £6.95


King Prawn Balti                                                             £8.95


Balti Chicken Tikka/Lamb/Prawn Rogan Josh             £6.95


Special Balti Keema Jalfrezi                                           £6.95



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