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Chefs Special Rezzalla (Chicken or Lamb)                          £7.25
Cooked with minced meat and fresh green chillies with garlic, ginger and other spices in a fairly hot sauce-                                 

Murgh bahar                                                                            £7.50
Chicken fillet stuffed with mince lamb, roasted over hotcharcoals, in fresh garlic, ginger, onions, peppers in a thick medium sauce.

Chicken Tikka Chasni (new) (medium-mild)                         £7.25          
Cooked with various spices to a unique sweet and sour taste in a creamy sauce, Out selling the chicken tikka massalla by 10-1 in parts of the UK!!

Tandoori Cocktail (medium)                                                   £7.95                             
A mixture of the tandoori items cooked in a mediumsauce served with an omelette.

Salmon  Bhuna (medium)                                                       £7.95                                       
Boneless Salmon cooked in a medium sauce with onion,peppers and tomatoes

Nargis Kofta                                                                             £7.25                              
Deep fried mince lamb shaped into balls cooked in a fairly hot sauce with onions, garlic and ginger.

South Indian garlic special (new) (medium)                         £7.95 
A mixture of chicken, lamb and minced meat cooked in chefs specially blended mixture with fresh herbs and garlic, onions peppers,coriander and mushrooms-


Mumbai (hot) (chicken or lamb)                                             £7.25 

Cooked in tomatoes and onions with garlic gingerand potatoes in a thick sauce-

Jaipur (medium) (chicken or lamb)                                       £7.25            
Cooked in a medium sauce with spring onions,mushrooms and various spices-

Jinga hara piaz King Prawns (new) (medium)                      £9.50 

King prawns in the shells, cooked shallot, green herbsand tomatoes in a rich sauce-


Haryali (medium) (chicken or lamb)                                      £7.25             
Cooked with garam massalla and spinach with a predominant flavour of mint-


Naga jolokia (new) (very hot) (chicken or lamb)                 £7.25  

Naga morich or king cobra chilli is seriously hot, a smallamount of naga is Used to create this hot dish which is also very flagrant-

Garlic chilli piazzi (new) (hot)  (chicken or lamb)              
Cooked in a dry sauce with fresh green chillies, onions and  pepperswith plenty of fresh garlic flakes-

Delight (medium)                                                                      £7.25                                              
Chicken or lamb in with exotic herbs and spices topped with cheese and green chilli-

Zesty Shatkora                                        Chicken or Lamb     £7.25

                                                                    King Prwan            £9.50


Cooked in a medium sauce with Sylhet’s Most popular citrus fruit known as the Shatkora.


Rajastani (Chicken or Lamb)                                                   £7.50
Sweet, sour and hot in a thick sauce With chunks of pineapple-




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To Start

Prawn Cocktail

   Garlic M'rooms

         Veg soup



Main Courses

Roast Turkey or Roast Beef.

(All main meals served with traditional gravy, seasonal veg and stuffing, Yorkshire pudding and sauces)



Fruit Salad in fresh cream & syrup

Or, Christmas pudding in Brandy sauce.



To Finish

Mints and Cream Liquor.


Adults: £25.95

Under 12’s: £14.95

A-la Carte (Indian meals from the menu

also available)

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