House Specialities




Cooked in a creamy sauce with the finest of ingredients.


Similar to a mossalla with the addition of cheese.


Very rich mild curry containg a sauce of cream almond and coconut milk.


A mild dish cooked in butter, yoghurt, fresh cream and a blend of aromatic spices 


Garlic balti: Cooked in kashmiri spices with onions, peppers and extra garlic.

Chilli mossalla: Cooked with fresh green chillies and fresh herbs in a hot sauce.



Fairly hot dish cooked with fresh green chillies, sliced onions and peppers served in a skillet


A marvellous dish cooked in a medium sauce with the finest of ingredients based on spinach.


Chopped onions, peppers and fresh herbs in a thick medium sauce served in a skillet.




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Chicken Tikka                                                 £6.95

Lamb                                                               £6.95

Prawns                                                           £6.95

King Praw                                                      £8.95

Mixed                                                             £7.50

Vegetable                                                      £5.95



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To Start

Prawn Cocktail

   Garlic M'rooms

         Veg soup



Main Courses

Roast Turkey or Roast Beef.

(All main meals served with traditional gravy, seasonal veg and stuffing, Yorkshire pudding and sauces)



Fruit Salad in fresh cream & syrup

Or, Christmas pudding in Brandy sauce.



To Finish

Mints and Cream Liquor.


Adults: £25.95

Under 12’s: £14.95

A-la Carte (Indian meals from the menu

also available)

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