House Specialities




Cooked in a creamy sauce with the finest of ingredients.


Similar to a mossalla with the addition of cheese.


Very rich mild curry containg a sauce of cream almond and coconut milk.


A mild dish cooked in butter, yoghurt, fresh cream and a blend of aromatic spices 


Garlic balti: Cooked in kashmiri spices with onions, peppers and extra garlic.

Chilli mossalla: Cooked with fresh green chillies and fresh herbs in a hot sauce.



Fairly hot dish cooked with fresh green chillies, sliced onions and peppers served in a skillet


A marvellous dish cooked in a medium sauce with the finest of ingredients based on spinach.


Chopped onions, peppers and fresh herbs in a thick medium sauce served in a skillet.




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Chicken Tikka                                                 £6.95

Lamb                                                               £6.95

Prawns                                                           £6.95

King Praw                                                      £8.95

Mixed                                                             £7.50

Vegetable                                                      £5.95



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